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Beacon Light has overcome dark trials of sexual and substance abuse, and is now a resource of light to others.  Beacon shares his testimony and discusses his latest album Lit during this episode of Testimony: A Musician's Story


It's been three years since Sho Baraka dropped an album, but the socially conscious, The Narrative, couldn't have arrived at a better time. Journey with Sho as he takes us through some of his biggest highlights in life, including going to school with Lecrae and Tedashii and their formation of the 116 clique. And! Don't miss his commentary on a few tracks off The Narrative.


HeeSun Lee is passionate about her craft. She took some time out of her busy schedule to express herself a  little further with Gaelika (Testimony: A Musician's Story).


Testimony: A Musician's Story has given us access to some of their best audio interviews. Take a listen!