BreeKay x Kasairi



The southern California duo that goes by the name of BreeKay x Kasairi are taking their unique EDM infused sound to heavenly levels of creativity by staying true to who they are and what they believe in. Their honesty and creativity pull together to make for some amazing music that you should definitely checkout! During their free time they gave us a chance to pick their brains a bit. Here's the product.




How did you all meet?

We are cousins.


Tell me about what you think is the most rewarding thing about making music?

Music is universal, so it's just awesome how you can connect with people. It's rewarding when God can use us to make music.... and then people can message us about a song helping them through something. And then I think, wow, we are doing something, we are making a change, we are helping lives. 


How did you meet God? How did He start his relationship with you?

Kasairi: Well, we grew up in church, so that's like pretty much all we know, I guess. But there was a time when I was like, you know you're in church and you know better but you just want to do your own thing so you're just like okay, whatever... So after high school, I was just doing my own thing, and then my family was having Bible study and my mom asked me to go with her one time. So, during the Bible study, we got broken up into pairs and I got paired with my Aunt. And she's like (Bree will tell you) so pushy: She doesn't ask you if you're going to do something, she tells you you're going to do something; so she's like 'okay, you're going to go to church with me this Saturday and you need to make sure you're home', and she's basically like no excuses. She will go out of her way to make you do whatever it is that she tells you you are going to do, and her church has like three services, so there's no way out of it. So I feel like she's the reason that I came back, and after I started going to church with her, I realized I wanted to stay grounded, which is why I started going to Bree's house on Wednesdays because her parents were youth pastors. Bree and her brother were the only young people that I knew, I feel like. So I just wanted to surround myself with people who were my age, so I think that really helped me to stay grounded and actually develop my relationship with God. And that was like, I was like 19.


BreeKay: Same thing, I grew up in church, but I was just doing my own thing. I was at church all the time, and it kinda became a social thing. I mean, we were all just doing our own thing. It wasn't until K got saved and wanted to start coming to church with me that I kind of, was like, okay she wants to surround herself with younger people who were in church and seeking the Lord and I felt like she's looking to me like someone who is doing that so maybe I should actually be someone who does that, like maybe I should clean up my act. And then I went away to school, and it wasn't until I was a junior in college when I was like isolated from all three people I was friends with -- we were all in church together but they were just kind of into stuff and ended up falling away -- and I was really hurt by everything that happened, but I believe it was nothing but the Grace of God that got me through this because it was at this time that I started setting aside time to read my Bible and spend with God... 


What would your Life Verse be?

Kasairi: It's not like a certain verse, but I LOVE like Jeremiah 1. I love how like Jeremiah is a little kid but God is telling him that you're gonna do what I tell you you're gonna do. I just love, love, LOVE the first chapter of Jeremiah because I feel like that whole first chapter just unfolds so beautifully. I mean, God has a purpose for your life, and you know, to be obedient... It's all going to work for your good and you don't have to be scared because God is with you and He's going to go before you, and He's not only going to speak to you but He's going to speak through you in any avenue of your life. In our case, it's music or spoken word, and it's like lyrically and production-wise, it's obvious that God has everything under control, so we just need to be obedient and everything will work out.


BreeKay: The passage of scripture that I always come back to is 2 Corinthians 12:8-10. And I love that so much because... I think I tend to over-criticize myself or be really hard on myself or pick at the things that I'm weak at, and this scripture is a constant reminder to me that it's okay to have weakness because that's where God shows up, that's how God is glorified... It's in our weaknesses. And I think, Lord, it's crazy that you would use the two of us, two of the craziest, most aggressive and pushy, hard-headed type of girls to make something so beautiful. It's nothing but God's grace.


Who has inspired your sound?

BreeKay: A lot of different people have inspired that sounds that we make, but I don't think we have a specific sound. I think we kinda do a lot of things. But one of the big inspirations for us is Porter Robinson who is a DJ/producer, and he was doing heavy EDM stuff, but now he's kinda doing, it's like, people are calling it post-EDM, but it's like this beautiful orchestral music that is still electronic, but it's just sooo beautiful... It makes you feel things and I just love it. It's just sooo beautiful. He's awesome. He's amazing. We went to his concert last year, and oh my gosh, we cried. It was so beautiful. But yeah, he'd definitely one, but there are lots of others, but he's pretty much the main one.


Kasairi: As for me, and Bree knows this, she likes the happy sound. And I like the dark stuff. I live in the minor key. I think it just like pulls something out of me, like I don't know. I feel like I can write better, I feel like I get more creative in the minor key for some reason. But as for lyrically, when I'm doing spoken word or rapping, it's Eminem. He's like my favorite, and I know that obviously people would be like, oh wow, like he's not... you know, but I feel like he's such a great writer, and he rhymes with things that people don't normally rhyme with. I was watching an interview with him and he was saying that he reads the dictionary, and that makes sense to me, that gives you more ideas, more fuel, I guess, for whatever you're going to write about. That's super awesome. And I find myself doing the cadence that he does, and I didn't realize it until we started making music and we would play it back, and I'd be like, oh wow, that sounds like his influence, like ABBA. But you know, we both love all kinds of music, and I think most artists do, but you know, we just put out what we like.


What do you hope your listeners will gain from listening to your music?

BreeKay: I hope they'll gain (you know, like when you listen to your favorite songs and it's about how you feel), well, I hope that they'll just feel that it's good music. That feeling.. I don't know how to explain it. But the other thing is to give people something to relate to to let them know that they are not alone... in certain things. Like I know that so many people struggle with growing up and being misunderstood, and we want people to know that they are not alone, that you're not alone in this, or you're not the only one seeing this or feeling this kind of way -- we're going through life and we're going through together. Another thing would be just letting them know that they have a purpose and just... go out there and kill it.

Kasairi: Yeah, just keep dreaming. Nothing is too big. Just do it. Just do what God told you to do.



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